Anti-vaccinator Luigi Marilli dies of COVID-19 in Italy

In Italy, on Monday, January 17, Luigi Marilli, one of the leaders of the anti-vaccination movement, died of a coronavirus disease. The Italian was 63 years old.

As the publication writes, a well-known anti-vaccinator, ended up in a hospital in the city of Perugia. According to journalists, the Marilli medical facility offered treatment.

However, the Italian refused. How long he was in the hospital is not specified.

Marilli was a member of an organization that opposed coronavirus vaccinations. The movement was called “Let’s Liberate Italy”. On the organization’s page Facebook there was also a record of the death of 63-year-old him Marilli. The note states that “his humanity and good nature were the essence of life represented in man.”

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Luigi Marilli

As the newspaper writes, publications in the media about the death of an opponent of vaccination allegedly angered other members of the “movement”. They called on journalists to stop exploiting his story. Anti-vaxxers have threatened that lawyers will act “in the most appropriate manner”.

Marilli is survived by his wife Anna-Maria, two children and two grandchildren.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, in the United States, a well-known Christian televangelist and anti-vaccinator Marcus Lamb dies after being hospitalized with COVID-19. He also had diabetes.


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