Angelo Alessio’s New Coach Dismantles Disrepair at Persija Jakarta – New coach Persija Jakarta, Sudirman, revealed the weakness of the previous coach, Angelo Alessio, in managing his team in Liga 1.

As previously known, Sudirman became Persija’s coach after Angelo was sacked for failing to improve the team’s performance.

Sudirman said, there was a weakness in the Persija team that made it less cohesive in the team League 1.

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“Of course the tactics that Angelo gave yesterday didn’t go well,” he opened in a virtual discussion, Thursday (20/1).

He said the condition became his record to continue the Persija Jakarta coach relay.

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Because, Sudirman wants to bring Persija up immediately and be in a positive trend.

“It becomes my evaluation material for evaluation. I will give something new,” he said.

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He says, looking at Angelo’s football philosophy in too high.

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