Andy Ruiz Jr stretches the mission to rise after losing and too many party page all – Heavyweight boxer with blood Mexican-United States (US), Andy Ruiz Jr., determined to rise and get back to winning ways.

In his last fight, Andy Ruiz Jr. had to swallow an embarrassing defeat of the British boxer, Anthony Joshua.

The defeat made Andy Ruiz Jr. lose the IBF, IBO, WBA, and WBO heavyweight world championship belt which he had just won from Joshua six months earlier.

In the match held in Saudi Arabia, Ruiz lost an absolute number from Joshua.

After the defeat, Ruiz admitted that the preparation was very poor.

He enjoyed a celebrity lifestyle because of his success in becoming the first heavyweight boxing world champion to have Mexican blood.

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Ruiz’s weight gained six kilograms in only half a year since the first party because of frequent parties and did not pay attention to diet.

Ruiz’s body weight made his movements slow so that he could not land a meaningful blow towards the opponent.

Not only that, the second volume Joshua contra duel also became a venue for Ruiz’s farewell to the coach, Manny Robles.

Ruiz, who was “broken-hearted”, also vented her sadness by holding a party for two consecutive months.

As a result, the 30-year-old Mexican boxer was late entering the training camp to prepare for the next boxing fight.

Ruiz also admitted sorry.

He then determined to rise again and become a formidable opponent for the challengers later.

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“I feel I have disappointed a lot of people and should bring their trust back,” Ruiz told ES News, reported by from

“I will surprise the world back with better conditions and have the best ability to compete,” he added.

Armed with that belief, Andy Ruiz Jr. is now holding a new coach, Eddy Reysono.

Ruiz hopes that the former coach who has handled boxing star from Mexico, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, can have a positive impact on his ability to fight.

Related to the next opponent, Andy Ruiz Jr. admitted that the WBC heavyweight interim champion from Britain, Dillian Whyte, became his closest target.

Only, their meeting may be difficult to happen in the near future.

Because, Whyte was waiting for the opportunity to compete with the WBC champion who is also his compatriot, Tyson Fury.

“I will fight Dillian Whyte, I want to silence him, get a third fight with Anthony Joshua, then afterwards against Wilder or Fury,” Ruiz said.

“This fight will be an extraordinary fight (against Dillian Whyte). I am sure I can win. I feel I can win against everyone, but it depends on me how to do it,” he stressed. (Muhamad Husein)


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