Andreas «TIX» Haukeland – Here he leaves «Every time we meet»

This year’s season of “Every time we meet” is in full swing, and in Saturday’s episode, it is the artist Myra (27), whose real name is Regina Tucker, who is honored.

The other artists in the program are Øystein Greni (47), Maj Britt Andersen (65), Anna of the North (32), Jarle Bernhoft (45), Arif (35) and Andreas «TIX» Haukeland (28).

In Saturday’s episode, on the other hand, the latter will not be present and pay tribute to Myra in the program. In the video clip you can see above, Haukeland tells the other participants that he can not be part of the tribute to Myra.

– I can not be here on your day. I have to hold a concert, says Haukeland in the program.

Leaving the participants, he says that it is a pity he is not allowed to be there when Myra is to be celebrated.

– I am sure that she has an important and strong story to tell, says Haukeland.

Four concerts

Haukeland now tells more about the reason why he could not be present at the recording this day.

– I was to play four concerts in northern Norway in one day, and therefore missed Myra’s day, but I’m really looking forward to watching the episode on Saturday, Haukeland tells Dagbladet.

– There is probably a danger that I am quite tired in my voice when I return to Kjerringøy, Haukeland continues.

NORWEGIAN INTERPRETATION: This is how the artists react when TIX interprets “Girl in Oslo” by Bigbang. “Every time we meet” premieres on TV 2 on Saturday 1 January at 20.00. Music / lyrics: Øystein Greni.
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– Would love to have Tix around the table

Artist Øystein Greni, says that he was also close to ending up in a similar situation as Haukeland during the recording. But he was canceled a playing job, which meant that he could then be present at the recording.

Andreas was probably very upset. It went well without him, even though it would have been nice if he was there. But that’s how it is when concerts are booked in advance, Greni tells Dagbladet.

Press manager at TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, tells Dagbladet what is the reason why TIX had thus double-booked.

– In some cases, the artists who are part of “Every time we meet” have agreements on other assignments that were booked before it was clarified that they would participate in the program. It has also happened in previous seasons that an artist has been absent from an episode due to a concert assignment, Dahl tells Dagbladet.

He continues:

– We would like to have Tix around the table on Saturday, but we can still promise an exciting, surprising and not least musically great experience when Myra is the main artist in Saturday’s “Every time we meet”, Dahl concludes.

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