Sport "Anderlecht will go back to PSV eindhoven for detailed...

“Anderlecht will go back to PSV eindhoven for detailed discussions, also get in touch with the City


Anderlecht are going to seriously work on the introduction of Derrick Luckassen. According to The Recent News of a transfer, both for the PSV, as Anderlecht are a good thing.

Luckassen came out in the last half of the year, on a rental basis for Anderlecht. With the option of a five million euros, however, proved to be far-fetched, and thereafter, and Anderlecht-bid in the amount of two million, has been rejected by the Locals.

Luckassen will normally be returned to the player, but he doesn’t want to stay. Therefore, Anderlecht are now a level above the switch. The club is going to be this week’s talks with PSV eindhoven to intensify, writes APPROVE.

Continue to talk to Anderlecht, with Manchester City over a new uitleenbeurt of philip Sandler, has already expired, the negotiations are a lot more difficult. In addition Luckassen, and Sandler does Anderlecht have a few of the names on the list.



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