Anderlecht breathe a sigh of relief: the Purple & White convert further after penalties against Seraing | Croky Cup 2021/2022

It took blood, sweat and tears. But Anderlecht are in the quarterfinals of the Cup after a rollercoaster match against Seraing. However, the evening of Kompany and co had started dramatically due to an early 2-0 deficit. Kouamé and Refaelov completely reversed the situation, but the home team scored the 3-3 on the hour. The game then drifted to penalties. Anderlecht kept their cool, Murillo scored the decisive eleven meter.


  • 10 ‘Maziz 1-0 (pen)
  • 18′ Mikautadze 2-0 (pen)
  • 38 ‘Kouame 2-1
  • 41 ‘Kouame 2-2
  • 49′ Refaelov 2-3 (pen)
  • 60′ Maziz 3-3

Seraing – Anderlecht in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: After 3 misses, Francis Amuzu is the first to score in the penalty series and thus gives Anderlecht the lead. A lead that the Purple & White will not relinquish in the end.
  • Man of the match: Amir Murillo played a decisive role for Anderlecht tonight. His assist in Kouamé’s 1-2 led to the Purple & White remonte after the dramatic start and the Panamanian converted the decisive penalty at the very end.
  • Remarkable: After the lost cup final in 2015, Anderlecht went out 3 times in the 1/8th finals and once did not even go further than the 1/16th finals. Afterwards, the tide turned, the Purple & White is now in the last eight in the cup for the third season in a row.

Watch the exciting penalty shootout between Seraing and Anderlecht

Kouamé wipes out dramatic purple and white start

The Anderlecht fans who had traveled along provided fireworks, so much so that ref Bert Put had to stop the match for a while. When the smoke had cleared, Anderlecht were suddenly 1-0 behind. After a penalty foul by Magallan, Maziz converted the penalty flawlessly.

A dream start for Seraing and less than 10 minutes later things looked even better for the home side. Now it was Refaelov who made a mistake in the box, the ball went on the spot again. Mikautadze said thank you and Anderlecht suddenly owed 2 goals after more than fifteen minutes.

Dietsch had to show his ability on a shot by Verschaeren, but otherwise the visitors didn’t care. With peace in sight, Sambu lent a helping hand to Purple & White. He let Murillo steal the ball and he offered Kouamé the
connection hit.

Anderlecht suddenly caught fire, because barely 2 minutes later the signs were level again. Verschaeren painted the ball on Kouamé’s head and the Fiorentina mercenary headed his second goal of the evening at the far post.

Strange throw! Gomez throws the ball straight in the face of teammate

Anderlecht give up the lead

The ball went quickly on the penalty spot in the second half. This time not for Seraing, but for Anderlecht after a foul on Refaelov. He went behind the ball himself and gave Anderlecht the lead with a kick through the middle.

The Purple & White let Seraing get back into the game afterwards and paid a heavy price for it on the hour. After the opening of Kilota, Mikautadze brought the ball nicely in front of the goal in one time and Maziz was allowed to make his second of the evening completely detached.

The equalizer gave Seraing confidence again, while Anderlecht kept searching fruitlessly for solutions. He didn’t like it and Seraing also no longer managed to really get Van Crombrugge into trouble. Extensions were the logical consequence.

View the 6 goals in regular time of Seraing-Anderlecht

Murillo frees Anderlecht in penalty series

Anderlecht took the initiative in the first overtime, but once in the zone of truth, things always went wrong for the visitors. Once Kouamé was able to put Verschaeren in a promising position, but from a sharp angle he aimed directly at Dietsch.

The Purple & White also tried to make something of it in the second half, but it all remained too meager. Seraing held his ground easily. Dietsch only had to show himself after an impending rush from Gomez. So penalty kicks.

In a blood-curdling penalty shoot-out, Amuzu was the first to score after 3 misses. Both teams did not fail anymore and so the Purple & White’s fifth penalty became the deciding factor. Murillo did not crack under the pressure and shot the Purple & White to the quarterfinals.

Anderlecht fans disrupt the match with Bengali fire after only a few minutes

  1. penalty kicks, 11:28 PM. End. It has cost blood, sweat and tears against a brave Seraing, but Anderlecht will go through to the quarter-finals after a blood-curdling penalty shootout. .
  2. penalty kicks, 11:27 PM. Murillo does it for Anderlecht! Murillo converts the decisive penalty beautifully and blasts Anderlecht to the quarter-finals. .
  3. penalty kicks, 11:26. Maziz does a great job. Maziz also cleverly aims the ball into the roof of the goal and makes it 3-3. Murillo can now guide Anderlecht to the quarterfinals. .
  4. penalty kicks, 11:25 PM. Verschaeren puts pressure on Seraing. Verschaeren kicks the ball beautifully into the roof of the goal. It’s a must now for Seraing. .
  5. penalty kicks, 23 hours 24. Everything equal again. Mikautadze feels the pressure, but gets the job done with a kind of panenka. It’s 2-2. .
  6. penalty kicks, 23 hours 24. Cullen does not fail. Cullen remains calm and gives Anderlecht the lead again. Seraing has to respond again. .
  7. penalty kicks, 11:23 PM. 1-1. Sanogo sends Van Crombrugge in the wrong direction and brings Seraing alongside again. .
  8. penalty kicks, 11:22 PM. Amuzu makes it 0-1. Amuzu breaks the series and converts his penalty. Anderlecht leads. .
  9. penalty kicks, 11:21 PM. Another miss, it remains 0-0. The misses pile up. Nadrani also fails, he aims the ball wildly over the goal. .
  10. penalty kicks, 11:21. Gomez also misses! Gomez also fails to convert his penalty. Dietsch chooses the right angle and keeps Seraing in the running. .
  11. penalty kicks, 11:20 PM. Van Crombrugge takes the first penalty! Del Fabro can take the lead. Van Crombrugge is just there and pushes the ball against the bar! .
  12. penalty kicks, 22 hours 55 match over
  13. penalty kicks, 10 p.m. 46 match started
  14. second overtime, minute 121. End of 2nd overtime. No separation between Anderlecht and Seraing after the extra time. Penalty kicks will decide who advances to the quarter-finals. .
  15. second extra time, minute 120. Anderlecht mount another dangerous attack, but referee Put thinks it’s enough and suddenly blows the whistle. .
  16. second extra time, minute 12. 1 minute extra. We can gradually prepare for penalty kicks. .
  17. second overtime, minute 118. The penalties are getting closer and closer. It will be nail biting for the supporters of Seraing and those of Anderlecht. .
  18. second overtime, minute 118. Sanogo yellow. Serious foul on Ashimeru by Sanogo, who is rightly penalized with a yellow card. At Seraing, the best seems to be gone for a while. .
  19. second overtime, minute 116. Anderlecht can try again on a corner kick. Again it is Gomez who drops the ball into the box, but at Seraing they can fend off the danger. The pressure of the Purple & White is now increasing. .
  20. second overtime, minute 115. Dietsch prevents the Purple & White from chance. Finally another full-fledged attack from Anderlecht. Gomez can push through on the left and reach the back line, but Dietsch is able to intercept his cross. .

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