News #AnálisisVP Birthday unhappy: Can Valencia, a year without the...

#AnálisisVP Birthday unhappy: Can Valencia, a year without the party of ‘the people’


VALENCIA. Can renewed this weekend the leadership of the party. A process that turned out the winner of an autonomous representative and former senator Pilar Lima and that put an end to a task that the training dwelling had been pending since last November, when the previous secretary general of the party, Antonio Estañhe left the office and left a Can in the hands of a manager.

Although later than planned -the III Assembly of the Citizens in the beginning was convened for the month of may, but the crisis of the coronavirus ended aplazándola two months, the party already has a renewed general secretariat -now coordinator – six months after she became an orphan, leadership and leaves his situation temporary. But the same is not true with your local structure in the city of Valencia.

The party happened in the elections of 26 may have three councillors in the town Hall of Valencia to not overcome the barrier of 5% and, therefore, were left without options to become part of the team of local government, despite having come together with Esquerra Unida del País Valencià (EUPV). After such a pratfall election -to be an executive to not even have representation – the bases of Can claimed responsibilities to their leaders and the former secretary general of Can València, Jaime Paulino, moved formally his resignation to the then leader purple in the Comunitat Valenciana, Estañ, June 21, 2019.

A year after that resignation, the formation remains the same: no organic structure in the capital of the Turia and without an estimated date to solve this power vacuum. With these rods, strike remember that when Pauline resigned from the position, the direction of autonomous government took over temporarily the management of the party at the local level with the intention that it could be rebuilt in a future assembly of the citizens of the municipality.

In fact, the calling of the third conclave autonomic in may, one of the options that it proposed in its day it was the manager working on the design of this III Vistalegre valencia, did so also in a process of inner city, while members of the manager never came to speak about the situation Can València because it was incumbent upon the state to take any decision in this regard. And, at that time, the General Secretariat and the Secretariat of the Organization We were involved in the negotiations with the PSOE to form a Government.

In spite of everything, nothing seems to indicate that a congress city is going to be produced neither in the short nor in the long term. In fact, the new address regional ensures that the party will “return to their origins” and there is no intention to convene any assembly to rearm. “The structure of the party has to change, not going to choose a new municipal address through the Citizen Council of Valencia-executive-regional-, or is going to convene a congress specific to incorporate, or in Valencia, Elche, nor in Castellón”, they explain. “It is going to organize differently; we have a Coordinating Council Intercomarcal of the circles, and the party will be created from this,” he added.

Delayed by general election

It should be noted that, following the resignation of Pauline in July, the state stopped in standby any procedures to renew the territorial organisations that were in a situation of transience. In fact, the party of Pablo Iglesias was in the process of negotiation of the endowment of Pedro Sanchez and it was preferable not to expose their fissures internal as suffering in the capital of the Turia to the cause of the bump of elections; in fact, it was desirable not to exhibit any symptom of weakness in the face of negotiations in Madrid.

With the repetition of elections, the convening of a citizens assembly was postponed until further notice and to this day continues without date. Same thing happened with the release of Estañ, who had already announced in July his intention not to repeat, as secretary-general and to convene in October a congress. The quote in the polls of the November 10, delayed the schedule of the celebration of this assembly, but after these elections the former secretary general of Can in the Comunitat Valenciana resigned and forced the creation of the manager.

Of time, the time limit for a return to rebuild the party at the municipal level is an unknown. The days are adding up and Can already meet a year without being in Valencia.



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