An Easy Way To Restore WhatsApp Web Out By Yourself


Easy Ways to Restore WhatsApp Web that Exited Alone. PHOTO/ IST

JAKARTA – While using WhatsApp web on a computer or laptop, of course you have experienced problems after leaving the computer for a few minutes it turns out that WhatsApp Web comes out on its own.

So you have to login or re-scan the whatsapp web barcode again from the beginning.

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This kind of problem usually only happens once, it keeps happening when you are not actively using the computer for a few minutes. This happens because of the security features of the WhatsApp web itself.

The security feature on WhatsApp Web is auto logout or exit automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

So if you experience problems WhatsApp Web exits by itself even though you never log out it could be because this feature is active so that after a while you don’t open WhatsApp Web it will automatically exit by itself.

So that WhatsApp web doesn’t go out on its own or automatically logs out, of course there is a different way. Even though it has been systemized, in the following way your WhatsApp web will not come out by itself even though it has been a long time.

Below is an easy way to deal with web WhatsApp likes to go out on their own:

1. First Open the on your computer or laptop.
2. After that, before logging in, first check the “Keep Me Sign In” column which is right below the QR Code.
3. Then scan the QR Code on WA Web using the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
4. Your WhatsApp account will automatically connect and sync with WA Web. Because you have checked the “Keep Me Signed In” column, WA Web will not automatically exit again.

That’s the easy way to overcome WhatsApp web that likes to go out on its own. It should be underlined, you should do this method on your own laptop or computer and not on someone else’s. This is of course to keep your privacy secret from others. So, good luck.


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