America’s Cup: decision on the location of the postponed 2024 edition –

The organizers of the America’s Cup postpone their decision on the place of the next edition. They need more time to choose between Auckland or abroad.

Team New Zealand (TNZ) retained the prestigious sailing trophy last March by beating Italy’s Luna Rossa 7-3 off New Zealand’s biggest city.

Auckland’s lockdown, which is trying to wipe out the highly contagious Delta variant, has forced TNZ to give itself more time.

Despite its name, Team New Zealand is a private organization and has no obligation to organize in New Zealand the defense of its title in the prestigious competition, the next edition of which is scheduled for 2024.

Three “convincing” offers

The New Zealand government made an offer of 67 million francs to keep the competition in the city, an offer which TNZ deemed insufficient, although the union said it had not completely ruled out Auckland as a possibility.

There are 3 offers abroad “convincing and professional“and which take time to properly investigate,” TNZ explained.


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