AMD achieves 22.5% market share for x86 processors

Brand represents AMD’s second best and largest since 2007

If there’s anyone who should be happier that I paint in the trash this month, that someone is Lisa Su. And of course, the rest of the employees at AMD also. THE Mercury Research, a company that conducts market research on hardware, announced this week that the red side reached 22.5% market share of processor x86.

As much as the rival Intel has 77.5% of the market share, the results of AMD are obviously well received and demonstrate the company’s evolution in the dispute with the manufacturer of Intel Core. Last time to AMD hit such a big number was in 2007, 14 years ago when my first PC I was 3 years old (and yes, I wore a processor AMD). These 22.5% refer to the second quarter of the year.

Despite the stock problems that the AMD has been facing with its products, this recovery in market share is due to the evolution in the quality of its Ryzen processors, which had the first generation based on the architecture Zen launched in 2017. The latest generation of CPUs, based on Zen 3 arrived last year, with the series Ryzen 5000.

The market share record for AMD it was in the fourth quarter of 2006, when it reached 25.3%, basically a quarter, of presence. During this period, the red side counted on the Athlon 64 in the battle against Intel. This year the AMD surpassed the Intel no number of processors sold.

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On August 5th, the AMD It consecutively broke the record in its share price, with prices rising non-stop for five days. On one of those days, the price of a share reached $119. Today it closed at U$ 110.00, still one of the highest values ​​the company has ever reached. If the results of AMD remain positive, imagine how the firm’s barbecue will be at the end of the year.

Via: PC Gamer Source: Mercury Research


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