Amazon’s new games can kill your graphics card

If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to get an RTX 3090 graphics card, you might want to be a little wary of testing it out on Amazon’s new MMO game “New World” which just went into closed beta testing.

Several sources now report that the game can kill RTX 3090 cards, due to the lack of a limit on the number of frames per second to be rendered in the game’s menu system. Thus, the graphics card goes crazy in the attempt to generate as many images as possible per second, after which it can die for good, according to several messages from users who have experienced this.

Not confirmed

The reason, however, is so far pure speculation, and has not been confirmed from any quarters. However, the number of users who have experienced this must have increased dramatically at the same time as the game went from alpha to beta, and far more had access to test it. This may indicate that there is at least some connection.

However, to play the game with your 3090 card, go to the Windows graphics driver and turn on VSync. This limits the game’s refresh rate to the maximum that your screen can provide, and will thus prevent the graphics card from running wild and cracking itself.

On However, there is a list on Reddit of users who have experienced that the game kills their graphics card, and which graphics card it is. It may immediately look like it is primarily a 3090 card from EVGA, but this is also one of the manufacturers that has sold the most of such cards, so it is certainly not certain that this picture is correct.

3090 cards from other manufacturers must also be affected.

It is uncertain exactly what it is that takes the lives of the cards, if it is actually true that it is due to the game. Some users have heard a loud pop-up sound at startup, whereupon the graphics card was no longer detectable by the PC, which may indicate that a capacitor or power regulator has been overloaded. Other sources speculate that the problem may be “dirty power” from a poor power supply, or problems due to overloading the power supply to the graphics card.

Requires a lot of power

Without overclocking, an RTX 3090 card will require around 360 watts when running at full power, but overclocked models can draw 500 watts or more. On the web, there is an unofficial BIOS for such cards that have the watt limit moved to 1000w. Long before you get there, you need to cool with liquid nitrogen.

Amazon has confirmed that they have two user inquiries as they follow up and that they will release a possible fix for the problem shortly.

It has not been reported that other than 3090-based graphics cards have this problem, but some sources consider it likely that reports of corrupted 3080 Ti-based cards will also be received soon, as these cards are very similar.

Expensive graphics card

RTX 3090 was launched in September 2020 and is Nvidia’s top model for ordinary consumers. Though, ordinary and ordinary. Like all other graphics cards, the 3090 cards have also been in short supply the last year, and the price has been high and the availability low. At worst, the price for a 3090 card was less than 40,000 kroner, while today it is around 25,000 and up. In comparison, the recommended price at launch was around NOK 18,000.

Amazon’s New World was first announced in 2016 and has been repeatedly delayed. Amazon is thus hardly particularly happy with reports of serious errors so late in the completion of the game. New World is scheduled to be in beta until August 2 and launched on August 31 this year.

If you want to sign up as a beta tester of New World, despite the fact that it can take the life of your graphics card, you can do it here.

Other cards are also affected

Shortly after the publication of this case, there were reports that other cards were also affected. At the moment, there are indications that the following cards may also die from this error:

  • RX590
  • 6800
  • 6800XT
  • 6900XT
  • RTX 3080Ti


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