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Amazon buys Zoox company that builds self-driving cars – IT Pro – News


This is a very cowardly response. We do not yet know anything about the plans. You can safely base any denial on that. But you expect more from people with intelligence than telling what is known. Then you are only suitable as a parrot. I get the impression that this has become the main requirement for journalists today. Chat.

If you think logically, the Amazon will not be about to become yet another car manufacturer. The chance of being successful with this is extremely small. Especially if you have no experience in that area.

So Amazon must think it can realize benefits that make success achievable. The most certain advantage is when you are your own customer. (Deutsche Post preceded them, among other things). Then the most important success factor, sales, is assured. The use is obvious for a company that has such a huge distribution as Amazon. These will not be executive cars.

You can calmly take poison that these cars are indeed intended to take care of their own distribution. And they do not have to continue to deliver immediately, although this will certainly be the intention in the long term.

But since you see this differently, you can give me one plausible reason why Amazon would like to buy this company differently. And then mean is promising. Otherwise, I have to conclude that you really just have nothing to say. And that is moderate for a journalist.

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