Altos mocks Flamengo after defeat to Fluminense and makes campaign on the web: “Stay, Paulo Sousa” | Brazil’s Cup

— #ficapaulosousa — published the tall in post.

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Post Altos — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

The post reverberated among Flamengo fans, and generated comments on the network. Look.

“All your pride will be punished. Everyone has tall and lows.

– It’s “zuera”. You’re boring. They will be hurting because of posts from the tall?

The joke of the club from Piauí was right after Flamengo’s defeat to Fluminense, in the first match of the Carioca Championship decision. With two goals from German Cano, Tricolor beat Rubro-Negro. Check it out below.

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The goals of Flamengo 0 x 2 Fluminense, for the first game of the Carioca Championship 2022 final

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Altos — Photo: Julio Costa/ge Piauí

tall and Flamengo will meet in the 3rd phase of the Brazil’s Cup. No officially set dates and times yet. First match scheduled to take place at the Albertão stadium, in Teresina. The return game will have the Rio de Janeiro club as home team. This will be the first duel in history between the teams.

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Altos, Jacaré — Photo: Renan Morais

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