all the oddities of a prince in the sights-

The revelations of the “Sun”: the prince, now accused of sexual violence by the super-witness Virginia Giuffre, has a crowd of stuffed animals on his bed, and collects teddy bears dressed as sailors

Prince Andrew’s bed is always very crowded: but with his loved ones stuffed toy. And the servants of Queen Elizabeth’s son are given written instructions on how to place the puppets. The Sun revealed that there is even a diagram explaining how to place the soft toys: Andrea doesn’t sleep unless he’s surrounded by five toys, including two hippos and a panther. But according to one of her former waitresses, her collection counts well 72 fabric animals. These are bizarre habits that say a lot about a character who got into trouble withaccuses of raping a minor, that Virginia Roberts Giuffre who intends to take him to trial in New York after being ensnared twenty years ago by pedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, both close friends of Andrea.

The prince, according to the Sun, rages if the stuffed animals are not placed in the required order: a teddy bear must be placed on the headboard of the bed, on the left, on the right side of the bed there must be a gray hippo and in the middle of the thalamus a black panther, while another hippo goes to the foot of the bed. Charlotte Briggs, who worked for Andrea at Buckingham Palace in the 1990s, told Sun that as soon as she was hired she was told about the soft toys: and that she spent a whole day being instructed on how to handle them.

These 72 puppets are mainly teddy bears dressed as a sailor, which must be carefully placed on the prince’s bed in order of size; in the evening they must be removed and placed in the room: the little ones in the fireplace, always in order of size, the two favorites on two mahogany thrones on the sides of the bed and the others at the feet, on the floor. An operation that took at least an hour and to which two maids were employed every day. Charlotte Briggs made no secret of her amazement at seeing an adult, who had also fought in the Falklands War, entertain such habits: “It was such a strange and peculiar thing.”

But Andrea’s vagaries do not end there. The prince is described as a spoiled child who never moved a finger: he was able to call a maid who had to make four floors of stops to go and close the curtains behind him. And if they weren’t perfectly matched, shouts and insults rained down. “This says a lot about him – commented the former attendant heard by the Sun – thinks you are above all“. But now the music has changed: the queen deprived him of all royal and military titles and Andrew can no longer be called the Royal Highness. The Windsors are trying to distance themselves from the source prince in a scandal that jeopardizes the monarchy: Virginia Giuffre’s American lawyers will question Andrea precisely in the months in which the focus should have been on the Platinum Jubilee, the celebrations for Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary. And in September we could get to the trial for sexual assault in New York: Andrea will have other things to think about than his beloved soft toys.


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