all Southwest flights suspended due to an IT issue

It was a computer problem with the reservation system that caused this “brief pause in flight activities”.

The US aviation regulator, the FAA, said on Twitter Tuesday that it had, at the request of Southwest Airlines, temporarily suspended all of the company’s flights to the United States due to a computer problem with the reservation system.

The air carrier shortly after underlined, in a message sent to AFP, to be “Resuming normal operations after a brief break in flight activities”. The latter was provoked “By intermittent performance problems of the connectivity of our network”Southwest added without giving further details.

A previous dysfunction

This problem occurs the day after another malfunction. The air carrier had in fact already had to delay more than 1,400 flights in the country on Monday evening due to a technical problem with a subcontractor providing it with meteorological data before the traffic of its planes resumed normally. “We have pinned all the planes to the ground in order to protect the safety of our crews and our customers”, Southwest said in a press release.

Solicited on Tuesday following the new outage, the company stressed that its teams were working to “Quickly mitigate flight disruptions and impact on customers”.


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