Alitalia is definitely over. It will be replaced by new ITA airlines in October

Passengers who have previously purchased tickets for a date after October 14, now Alitalia offers either change the reservation to an earlier date or they can request a refund. It is not yet clear whether airlines will somehow compensate clients who have unused “miles” in MilleMiglia’s bonus program. Although ITA will buy part of Alitalia’s assets, formally it will be a new company.

Compared to Alitalia, ITA will launch a much leaner format. Since July, the company has been gradually purchasing a part of its predecessor’s fleet, but part of the employees will not pass under the wings of the new company, and the fleet of long-haul aircraft will also see a significant reduction. Ticket sales are likely to begin this Thursday.

The majority owner of ITA airlines is the Italian government. Until the beginning, the airlines received investments of 700 million euros, additional funds should be gradually received until 2025.

In order for the European Commission to allow such a procedure, ITA had to commit itself to acquiring only part of the Alitalia slot, ie the allocated time windows for take-off and landing. At Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, it can take up a maximum of 43 percent of Alitalia’s slots, and at Milan’s Linate Airport, 85 percent of the slots held by the old airline, the agency wrote Reuters.

Alitalia has been facing financial difficulties for almost ten years. It has made three restructuring attempts, including the entry of Middle East Airlines Etihad, which has invested 1.7 billion euros in the company.

In 2017, Alitalia declared bankruptcy, and since then the company has maintained its operations only thanks to regular financial injections by the Italian government. When the corona crisis ended all hopes of selling the company into private hands last year, the government decided to nationalize.

Rome’s subsequent plan to restart the national carrier through an injection of three billion euros from the state coffers came to the European Commission earlier this year. It made its agreement conditional, inter alia, that the new company must not bear the name Alitalia so as not to create a false semblance of continuity.

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