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Time flies in the frantic political moment in the United States. Suddenly, the young congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the unbearable guardian of the essences of the left, the one who snatched the nomination for establishment Democrat kicking the streets and speaking the language of the popular neighborhoods of the Bronx and Queens, she is on the screen receiving attacks from a rival who accuses her of being obsessed with fame and ignoring the real needs of her voters, while she defends her I work in Washington and his alliance with centrist Joe Biden.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC for her nearly seven million Twitter followers, rocked the Democratic Party two years ago by winning the nomination for the nomination for Congress for the 14th district of New York City. In an eminently Democratic constituency, winning the party’s nomination practically amounts to obtaining the seat in the House of Representatives, which Ocasio-Cortez accomplished in November 2018 at just 29 years old. It became the paradigm of a rebel candidate, of how a grassroots campaign can be imposed on party machinery. But now she is the one who faces a rebel and defends the the state.

He the state; Sure, it’s different than the one she challenged. But it is not as different as she would have wished: the blue wave of those legislative In the middle of Trump’s term, starring a young, feminine and progressive mobilization that brought Ocasio-Cortez and other famous today left-wing congressmen to the Capitol, it has not radically transformed the party. The Revolution of Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez’s political mentor, punctured again. And today the candidate to face Trump in November is a Joe Biden who basically offers a return to the past.

The socialist revolution is not, then, nor is it expected. But sanking rightly defends that his movement, although the veteran senator is not a candidate for president, has managed to change the party’s center of gravity, as evidenced by the fact that Biden, in collaboration with Sanders, has mounted a series of platforms to define the democratic program, one of which, that of climate change, is co-chaired by Ocasio-Cortez herself.

If it is not sufficient proof of the power that the left wing of the party still has, note the fervor with which Wall Street has launched to finance the campaign of Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, 53-year-old CNBC journalist and main rival of Ocasio -Cortez in the primaries this Tuesday. Dozens of bankers, investors and CEOs of companies have made the maximum contributions allowed by law, $ 2,800 per person, and the candidate has raised just over two million. A not inconsiderable figure for a newcomer, but modest compared to the more than 10 million that Ocasio-Cortez has raised, according to the Financial Times, based on small donations of an average of $ 10. The result of the New York primaries on Tuesday, which is expected to become known due to the increase in the vote by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be proof of the influence that the industry has in the party and in the Big Apple. prominent city, Wall Street.

It will not be the only test. Three of the four congressmen who are known as “the squad” They (the squad) face primaries before the November election, in which Democrats also stake a majority in the House of Representatives they achieved two years ago. Young, progressive and colored, who arrived in the House in 2018, legislators Rashida Tlaib and Ilham Omar have primaries in August in Michigan and Minnesota. But the first exam is that of Ocasio-Cortez. The acid test of squad, and the vigor of the left wing of the party once stripped of its icon Bernie Sanders.

Alexandria is called Jamaal

Many of the eyes are on this Tuesday in the district just north of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where there is a battle that is reminiscent of the one that led the congresswoman today two years ago. Eliot Engel, the longest-serving congressman representing New York, chairman of the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee, was up against young Jamaal Bowman, a former school principal who has never held public office. This is a new primary that has divided Democrats: Party heavyweights like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton have supported Engel; figures on the left, such as Elizabeth Warren or Ocasio-Cortez herself, have supported Bowman. The result will measure the capacity of the establishment of the party, in this new stage, to defend against the challenges of the rebel left wing.


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