Alexander Yordanov: Kiril Petkov betrayed the Bulgarians in Northern Macedonia

MEP Alexander Yordanov / Staff: Nova News

“Kiril Petkov’s visit to Northern Macedonia was completely ill-considered, unprepared and without any results. On the contrary. It encouraged the Macedonian side to strengthen the language of hatred towards Bulgaria. It is no coincidence that worthy people in our country mention that Petkov is the first statesman in our country he presented flowers to Gotse Delchev. And he had to do it. “

This was said in the program “The Day Live” on the air of Nova News by the MEP from GERB-UDF Alexander Yordanov. According to the diplomat, who was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Northern Macedonia in the period 2001-2005, “anti-Bulgarianism in constant action is the Macedonian doctrine and this should have been clear to the Bulgarian Prime Minister.”

“Kiril Petkov passed on the interests of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the memory of the Bulgarians who died for this Bulgarian root and were repressed in Yugoslav times because of their self-consciousness,” Yordanov added.

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