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Alexander Ovechkin did not score in the fifth match in a row, but threw Schmidt overboard


What needs to be done by Alexander Ovechkin to score his 700th goal in the NHL? The great sniper of today, scattering hat-tricks in January, is in crisis. A team plays on him, he throws without stopping, on duty at his beloved “office”, but to no avail. On the eve of the anniversary, the captain of the “Washington” four matches without goals. Paradox, and only.

When a person born to score is so fatally unlucky, you will involuntarily look for signs. In this regard, the match in Las Vegas promised to be “so.” Not only that, it was in this city that Ovechkin won his first and so far only Stanley Cup, so also Marc-Andre Fleury – Ovi’s favorite goalkeeper. The same number – 24 goals – he threw at the gate of Henrik Lundqvist, and more – to no one.

But despite all the symbolism, the problems for Washington and Ovechkin started from the very start. Already in the fourth minute, William Carrier and Nick Holden mockingly rolled out the defense of the “capital”. The guests tried to respond symmetrically, and Ovechkin had a wonderful moment, but Fleury made it, perhaps, the best save game.

If Ovechkin was disturbed by his favorite goalkeeper, then what prevented TJ Oshi – decisively is not clear. Toward the end of the second period, he missed out on an incredibly advantageous position on empty net. And it would not be so scary if Don’t miss the Capitals scoring counterattack right there. Among those whom Vegas punished for the Osh incident was Alexander the Great.

When Ovi does not go, he does not dissolve on the site. Instead of breaking clubs, he breaks opponents. So in the match with Vegas, the number of power moves performed by the Washington Eight outweighed the number of shots. Alexander destroyed everyone and everything, and the power reception at Naite Schmidt turned out to be especially spectacular. Ovechkin just took and threw the former teammate to the bench of his new team! The American, who had been playing for Washington for four years, flew overboard like a feather.

To join the game, such a furious Ovechkin “Washington” was not enough. It took me to miss the third puck and wait for the third period. As you know, the team from the US capital is the best in the NHL in playing the final segment. And the Capitals have once again confirmed this! Oshi completely corrected for a miss at the beginning of the match. First, he used the transfer of Dmitry Orlov, and then the fact that the majority of Vegas players traditionally kept Ovechkin.

“Washington” issued a plague ending. With a thirst for comeback, the guests lifted the entire arena to their feet. The puck now and then darted somewhere under Fleury, and defended the opposite goal … Ovechkin. When Braden Holtby left his post, and Vegas tried to remove all questions about the winner, the captain of the capital made a super save.

This dedication did not help either Washington or Ovi himself. For the fifth match, he is not able to take a step to 700 goals. Maybe the visit of an old friend Ilya Kovalchuk with his “Montreal” will help to cross this line?



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