Alena’s horoscope: Colleagues confuse Gemini’s plans not to tackle several tasks at once


Use the day to enrich yourself with new knowledge and travel with your loved ones, but be careful if you are behind the wheel. Do not miss the pleasant conversations with your friends, which will relieve you of the accumulated tension. If business meetings are urgent, consider from all sides, and it is best not to hold business talks. Stabilize relationships with your loved ones. If you are married and have children, be cunning to make them listen to you. In the evening, try to earn intimate moments and sexual pleasures with a good dinner.


You have an important day ahead of you for your future professional path, do not waste it, but seriously think about the direction in which you should take. Decide whether to make changes and expand your business or focus on something new. Get out of the way of people who prevent you from expressing yourself. Find the most painless way to impose your opinion in the family, even if you are more flexible. Your spouse has problems that cause him to give up sexual pleasures. Talk and try to help.


You will find a contradiction in the opinions of your colleagues, which can confuse your plans not only for the day. Do not expect help, but reject your own tasks and review the work of the younger and inexperienced. I do not advise you to travel. Avoid unnecessary conflicts in the workplace so that you do not find yourself alone without support. In the afternoon you will be angry with your relatives, whom you have not heard of for years. Do not worry about their appearance, do not be too hospitable, because they do not come to your home with good intentions and send them away quickly. Beware of quarrels with your spouse.


Remember that your attempts to do several tasks at once will not be successful. Do your most responsible task, and if you have time with the others, but with patience and depth. Protect yourself from financial losses. Problems in your business relations caused by your bad mood are not excluded. After work, create positive emotions with your loved ones and your spouse if you are married or with your loved one, if you have met him, dear women. In the evening, be kind and gentle and indulge in romantic moments and sexual pleasures.


Due to extremes in behavior, you may find yourself in complete isolation, even from people close to you, although the day allows you to calmly and effortlessly cope with your duties at work. Have patience and overcome your distractions. This is the way to avoid mistakes. Do not invite guests in the evening if your family wants to relax and not communicate with outsiders, even if they are your best friends. They will inflate your partner’s head and make him nervous.


I do not advise you not to be good-natured and gullible, ready to take on the work of your colleagues. Colleagues respect and support you, but they may force you to communicate with people you don’t like. Reconcile and then move them away. After work, hurry home. You show understanding for the problems of your loved ones. Family ladies should not ignore their children and spouse. Single people should indulge in entertainment, do not hesitate to invite to a disco, because they can meet their partner. Sexual intercourse should be safe even after mandatory personal hygiene.


Another successful day for you is not to be missed, but do not be too demanding of others. Plan your tasks so that you can handle everything without stress and do not forget to get rich with new information. Refuse the help of your colleagues, who will only hinder you. If they make you clarify your relationship, don’t raise your voice. Do not try to change your personal life by creating a new intimate relationship, dear women. Not only will you not be happy. The new conquest will not bring you the dream sexual satisfaction.


Be active today, no matter what mood you are in, especially if you are charged with new, responsible tasks, because their implementation will bring you recognition and respect. Expect an offer for a trip abroad. You are in great shape. Your friends are looking for your company. Your good mood and contagious. In the afternoon there are quarrels with your relatives because of your constant employment. If you are a business lady, do not neglect your loved one and your children. In the evening, indulge in romantic moments, your feelings and sexual pleasures.


Misunderstandings with your colleagues in the morning can affect your mood and self-esteem. Schedule some of the business meetings you canceled. Carry them out according to the preliminary plan and ask the questions whose answers are related to the success of your new projects. Your loved ones are already worried about your absence, as well as loneliness. In the evening, indulge in rest and enjoyable activities. Sexual pleasures are a well-deserved reward for your partner for your absence, and you must be kind to your loved one.


Your job brings you income on this day, but you are in danger because of your tendency to argue with people who have trusted you. Beginnings can bring you success if you have not decided to outdo your competitors at all costs. Be careful, reasonable and responsible. Avoid dating, dear women. Don’t rely on your luck. Rest in the evening. Cancel the visit and stay at home with your loved ones. Do not expect sexual pleasures, because you are tired and will fall asleep as soon as you smell the pillow, if you have not indulged in pleasure during the day.


Expect a trip related to the expansion of your business and meetings with new foreign partners. Difficulties should not bother you. Check the information provided to you. You have a calm, harmonious, creative day ahead of you, which promises you personal and professional success. Do not allow random strangers to interfere in your work. Make the necessary changes to the layout of your home to make your husband happy. Talk to your loved ones and children. Do not miss the opportunity to restore harmony in relationships and sexual pleasures.


If you do not neglect your official duties, success is with you. In the evening, clarify the reason for the dispute and you will get along. Be perfect in the workplace if you want to get the recognition you deserve. Businessmen should not allow investments for which they are not ready. Do not miss your vacation, dear ladies, to gather strength for active work. Give pleasant moments to your loved ones and your loved one. In the evening, drink a glass of red wine and indulge in intimate conversations and sexual pleasures. Do not quarrel with your spouse, do not spoil your day.


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