Alena’s horoscope: Archers to trust their knowledge, Capricorns to avoid conflicts


Stabilize what you have achieved, even though the day is a holiday. Your activity is impressive. You will have business meetings throughout the day. The lack of support from your colleagues should not bother you, because even without it you will do a great job. The more tempting the proposals for new business, the more careful you have to be according to the requirements of retrograde Mercury. Do not allow side factors to complicate the relationship with your loved ones, dear ladies, because of your tendency to quickly take offense and fall silent. Your sexual relationship depends on your mood, but it’s best not to miss it.


On the weekend, you should not be negative about everyone and aggressively and aggressively criticize your subordinates if they have not completed the tasks. The long-awaited news that you will learn in an unplanned business meeting, although you do not like it, is a guarantee of achieving the goal, so as not to oppose the retrograde motion of Mercury. Your loved ones are fascinated by your attention, your partner gives you romantic moments. Your intimate life is full of active sex. Limit your contacts, cancel your appointments and invitations to relax.


New professional opportunities open up before you, requiring you to meet the right people who will support you, even though it is a day off. The suggestions are interesting, but consider them carefully. Assess your financial stability. Be tactful and moderate in your actions so as not to harm yourself because of the retrograde motion of Mercury. Do not think that the problems in your family related to your actions that have hurt your loved ones will go unnoticed. Your attitude towards your loved one is the reason for the incredible sexual experiences or their lack.


If you are at your workplace on the weekend, do not give in to emotion, so as not to make enemies. The scandal with your relatives is caused by the fact that you forgot to fulfill a promise and were reproached before you left for work. Your anger should not harm your work duties and scheduled meetings. Mercury is retrograde and requires you to be moderate and forget about endeavors. With your loved ones, be restrained in expressing your emotions, dear women, even if they have angered you so much that you cried at will. Don’t cheat! You will save yourself the scandal and their refusal of sexual pleasures.


Suggestions for extra work on the weekend are the reason you are distracted and uncommunicative, because you do not know what to do. Accept it without wasting time and the results will make you happy before the end of the working day. Do not impose your opinion. There is no point in arguing with your colleagues about your mistakes, because the twists and turns may be unexpected and to your detriment because of retrograde Mercury. Protect yourself from family problems and do not give large sums for unnecessary purchases or to satisfy your female whims. In the evening, try to smooth out the sharp edges and indulge in sexual pleasures.


Today, although the day is a holiday, you will find interesting business proposals and investments that will help you develop your intellect and your business in a new direction. Agree without hesitation. Make a financing decision. You are tense and distracted at work. Avoid completing tasks quickly to avoid mistakes, especially in retrograde Mercury. In the afternoon, you are able to avoid quarrels with your loved ones by remaining silent if you are guilty and criticized. In the evening you run away from intimate moments because of the insult, which is difficult for you to swallow, but it is better to compromise and not deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


Start new tasks that will help you carry out a long-considered project on the weekend. The proceeds from its successful completion are impressive. Purposefulness in the workplace will help you realize your intentions and change your life and to support the retrograde motion of Mercury. In the evening, stay at home and relax after a busy day in the company of family and loved ones. Prepare a romantic dinner. Sexual pleasures will put you in a good mood.


It is better to give up the endeavors on the weekend, so as not to fail because of someone’s supposedly well-intentioned advice. As much as you want to earn effortlessly, you achieve everything with your hard work. You can’t finish your work by noon. Mistakes are possible that are difficult to correct. You better not allow them, and Mercury is retrograde. Be prepared to compromise when discussing family issues to avoid quarrels with your parents, who already disapprove of your marriage, and today are once again trying to ruin it. Go to bed early in the evening and skip sexual pleasures if you are not in shape.


If you ask, you will achieve a lot on the weekend if you do not deepen your problems with retrograde Mercury. Arm yourself with patience in the face of difficulties along the way and trust your knowledge and intellect, avoiding outside interference. You will have difficulty communicating. Go to work in a good mood, which is a must to keep up. In personal relationships, you are obliged to be moderate and responsible to your loved ones, to your spouse and children, and if you are not married – to your loved one. Control your emotions and avoid a scandal that can deprive you of sexual pleasures.


The further achievement of your goals depends on your ability to be practical on the weekend. You risk ruining your relationship with your colleagues. Avoid conflicts. You are doing well with your duties. Difficulties in the morning will force you to be even more responsible and serious about your duties, and Mercury is retrograde. During the day, quarrels with your loved ones are caused by differences in your opinions, but you are able to avoid it by approaching with female cunning and kindness. Your mood is not good and in the evening you can deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


The day is a holiday, but it is favorable for active work and business meetings, as long as you know with whom and what you will negotiate or you just intend to hold preliminary talks. Your plans require you to be financially sound. Don’t allow credit talks, because it will be difficult to return the money received due to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Don’t be angry about other people’s mistakes, even if they harm your work. You are not ready to compromise in the relationship with your spouse. The decision for divorce is ripe, if the misunderstanding continues today. Don’t let sexual pleasures enchant you, because healing is instantaneous and then you will suffer even more.


Be perfect in the workplace if you want to get the recognition you deserve on the weekend, subject to the influence of retrograde Mercury. Businessmen should not allow investments for which they are not ready. You may need to defend your interests in front of your colleagues and management if you see that they are trying to remove you from your professional position. Maintain your authority. Rely on your intuition in your personal life to live in harmony with your spouse. You are distant and do not want to change your behavior. Sexual pleasures are desired by you, but you are stubborn and do not apologize.

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