Alena’s horoscope: Aquarius does not spare well-deserved praise, Pisces impresses with its success


You can get the support you expect if you are clear enough in your demands. All your professional ideas will be supported by your colleagues if you submit them without attempting to impose your opinion and comply with retrograde Mercury. Have a business meeting on which your plans for the second half of the month depend. After work, go home and rest. Take the opportunity to stabilize your family relationships. Don’t miss sex with your loved one.


It is better to postpone the acquaintances and meetings with your colleagues for the next week, because holding them today is not in your favor. If necessary, take on your responsibilities and do not share your ideas and plans. Risky ventures are banned because of Mercury, which is still retrograde. Expect an important meeting with your business partners. In the evening, relax or visit to recharge with positive emotions. Give romantic moments to your intimate partner and indulge in sexual pleasures.


You do a brilliant job. Make the planned acquaintance, allowing you to develop a foreign business, which you have been striving for for years. Business travel will bring you the expected contracts and future financial income, if you are careful and do not allow yourself to be blackmailed by the retrograde motion of Mercury. Discard your duties at home, especially if they are related to repairs for which you have called masters, but you stand and watch. It is important to stay calm and not get angry. You do not start solving personal problems and do not argue with your partner.


Despite the attempts to create the difficulties you expected, you are doing brilliantly and again winning the envy of your colleagues. Do not show your generosity. Your professional duties require you to be focused on your tasks. Sign or prepare to sign contracts or financial documents, but be careful because Mercury is retrograde. In the afternoon, personal problems will make you forget about your vacation. Do it quickly and indulge in pleasant emotions. Once you deal with your problems, create a romantic atmosphere and indulge in sexual pleasures.


You have enough official duties that will make today’s day unbearably difficult, and time seems to have stopped. Routine will help you deal with difficulties. The endeavors have failed. If you have the opportunity to make a short business trip, do it in the afternoon, but with increased caution because of the retrograde motion of Mercury. Be prepared for reproaches from your spouse that you leave him to the whims of Fate, just because you are sent to courses abroad. There is no way to convince him otherwise. Don’t be surprised if he punishes you by depriving you of sex.


Due to an unexpected, but under existing precondition financial problem, caused by the retrograde Mercury, you are hesitant whether to make an agreed business trip or to stay at work and cope with your obligations. You better not travel. Your colleague will certainly agree to go on a business trip for you. I advise you to discuss your intentions with your relatives for a day or two before traveling, in order to avoid quarrels and to specify who will cook for you if you are married and have children. In the evening, indulge in your feelings and sexual pleasures.


You will enjoy the support of influential acquaintances and friends. Changes are good for you if they are well thought out. It would be good to concentrate on your direct professional duties and make up for lost time, despite retrograde Mercury. You are striving for success and hope to complete the planned tasks. You are distracted by personal problems that have plagued you since the morning, which you have to solve by the end of the day. Fate puts you to the test to see if you are willing to compromise and admit your guilt for missing a sex life.


Hold your meetings until noon. In the afternoon you will have to take over the work of your colleague. Postpone the planned trip in order to complete your mandatory tasks, as well as to take over and complete its tasks. The extra work doesn’t give you the right to think you’re sacrificing because it’s in your best interest, and Mercury will end its retrograde motion within days. Your personal life is associated with disappointments caused by your strong material aspirations. Your sexual relationship is in crisis because of your partner’s suspicions that you are using it.


You are about to prepare for a trip abroad, which you can start according to your abilities, but you should not leave before the retrograde motion of Mercury is over. Success requires your full commitment, so don’t waste your time talking nonsense. Expect your financial situation to improve, despite the damage done to you by your enemies, but this is your daily routine after you have shown different possibilities than theirs. In the evening you will be charged with family responsibilities that you have not rejected due to your absence from home. Be responsible to your loved ones and don’t get away with apologizing for being tired. Sexual pleasures will restore your strength and good mood.


Avoid aggressive reactions in dealing with people in your professional environment on this day, since Mercury is still retrograde. Be critical of your shortcomings and do not hide them. Not so pleasant activities today, which are annoying to you, bring you excellent income and the opportunity to shine with your skills. You will have to solve family problems. You do not like this obligation, but it will bring you peace of mind. If you are not tactful enough and do not remain silent, you risk losing sexual pleasures again.


Have an open conversation with your colleagues and find out why they stubbornly refuse to support you. The reason for their distance is rooted in your attempts to constantly criticize them and not praise those who are visibly better and more knowledgeable than you. Be correct and do not spare deserved praise. Expect revenue. Forget the endeavors for a few more days because Mercury is retrograde. In the afternoon, indulge in fun with your family. You will deserve their approval. In the evening, go to a restaurant with your loved ones, and then indulge in sexual pleasures.


In the workplace, you do an excellent job with your new tasks and impress with your successes. Don’t let yourself be diverted from your career just because they envy you, and Mercury is still retrograde. It depends on your skills and intellect whether you will be invited to take a new professional position today. Whatever happens, don’t get angry. In the evening, prepare for problems with your relative, who will surprise you unpleasantly with his betrayal. Accept the facts and don’t get angry. Your neighbors are trying to ruin your marriage because they want to attract and use your partner.


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