Business Aldi, Real, Kaufland and Lidl also pay employees a...

Aldi, Real, Kaufland and Lidl also pay employees a bonus – B.Z. Berlin


Aldi employees also receive a bonus for their hard work in the corona crisis.

The sister companies Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd announced on Friday that they would spend a total of 20 million euros.

The premiums are also to be distributed to Aldi for tax reasons in the form of goods vouchers. The bonus payments vary depending on the activity between 100 and 250 euros per person.

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Lidl, Kaufland and Real had previously announced bonus payments for their employees. Germany’s second largest grocer Rewe and his daughter Penny also want to reward the employees. The group takes over 20 million euros in hand. The bonus payment is posted as credit to the employee cards. This has the advantage that the amount benefits the employees practically as a net payment.



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