Alcohol in the blood: 66-year-old has to give up his driver’s license after an accident near Bisingen – Zollernalb

An intoxicated 66-year-old had to give up her driver’s license. (symbol photo) Photo: waranyu –

A 66-year-old had to give up her driver’s license who caused a traffic accident on Tuesday afternoon on the driveway to the B 27 near Bisingen-Steinhofen.

Bisingen – The woman wanted to drive her Hyundai Tucson from the B 463 to the B 27 at around 1:20 p.m. At the beginning of the acceleration lane, she drove her car too far to the left. She hit the side of the truck of a 58-year-old who was driving in the right lane of the main road towards Balingen. Nobody got hurt.

During the examination of the driver’s ability to drive, a provisional value of more than one per thousand alcohol was determined for the person who caused the accident, which is why a blood test was ordered. The woman is now looking forward to a corresponding criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office.

Her car was towed. The property damage caused by the accident is estimated at around 8,000 euros.

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