Alanis Désilets denounces the “mom shaming” which degenerates on Instagram

Alanis Désilets reveals that she was the victim of “mom shaming” on Instagram, to the point where some of her subscribers called the DPJ.

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It is well known, on the Internet, parents are often victims of judgment from complete strangers who stubbornly tell them how to take care of their children. For influencers, this phenomenon is increased tenfold, since their community is large and sometimes some people do not follow them for the right reasons.

Alanis Désilets was the victim of this phenomenon called “mom shaming” which does much more harm than good. The influencer and former OD Bali participant denounced these toxic behaviors on Instagram on Friday afternoon, January 21.

She revealed that after having published a short video in Story where she dances with her son Méo, subscribers reported everything to the DPJ, the Department of Youth Protection.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Yesterday following a story where I dance with my son in my arms, reports were made to the dpj. I’m upside down stiff. I take care of my child, he lacks nothing and he is raised in a healthy and safe home”.

Because of this disturbing event, Alanis had to make a firm decision regarding the presence of her son on social networks.

“The people are crazy man. Could you ever hear about my Méo, it’s too fragile and I can’t deal with it. I am very sad. I know we are good parents.


photo-credit">Instagram screenshot

Remember that Alanis and her longtime friend, Joël, welcomed little Méo last November.

The couple had then decided not to show the face of their child on the internet, and here they are forced to tighten their rules because of the exaggerated behavior of certain zealous Internet users.

We wish them much happiness for the future!

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