Sport Al Ahli refuse to put a penalty clause in...

Al Ahli refuse to put a penalty clause in the contract of Tahir Muhammad Tahir


Refusal of officials Ahly put a penalty clause in the contract of purchase and striker Taher Mohammed Taher of the Arab Contractors after independence on the annexation of the player through the MeerKAT upcoming summer to strengthen the attack of the red, got NCB on the signing of the Immaculate not to have seen months of negotiations and extensive contacts between Al Ahli and the player resulted in the end by the signing of the star fighters of the Arab Castle of red, and asked Taher Mohamed Taher put a penalty clause in the complexity of his allows him to leave if he receives an offer need discover featured, which has made a reservation Planning Commission at the club and the lack of it, Preferred pure display of civil for other offers that arrived recently from the clubs is not big in Europe and clubs locally too.

Is scheduled to open civil lines of communication during the next period with the Department of Arab Contractors to resolve the page is official until the players go to the castle red, having impressed the coaching staff of the red LED Feiler.

The total value of marketing and the owner of the games Wolves the mountain 400 thousand euros, in the last update during last April, on the website of Statistics transfer market, i.e. the equivalent of 6 million 800 thousand Egyptian pounds, and did not participate Tahir Muhammad Tahir with contractors since the start of the season but in only six games out of the 18 encounters the game by the Wolves of the mountain, due to injury in the muscle cells that were deprived playmaker tea also participate with the appropriate see in the African nations of Peoples which are found by the Pharaohs eligible to Tokyo Olympics.

During his consultations with all six fighters scored an immaculate one goal and did not make any goals, in the season is not the best owner of the games fighters, in total, participated immaculate with contractors in 86 games, scoring 11 goals and making 9 others.



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