Airlines Suspend Flights to US Due to 5G Issues All

WASHINGTON DC, – Several international airlines have said they will cancel flights to the United States starting Wednesday (19/1/2022).

This comes amid uncertainty about interference between new 5G mobile services and critical aircraft technology.

Reported CNN, Emirates, Air India, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have all announced cessation of service citing the issue.

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Emirates said it would suspend flights to nine US airports, starting with Boston, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fort Worth, George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, Miami, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco and Seattle.

But they will continue to fly to New York’s John F Kennedy airport, Los Angeles airport, and Washington Dulles.

“We are working closely with aircraft manufacturers and relevant authorities to address operational issues, and we look forward to resuming our services in the US as soon as possible,” Emirates said in a statement.

Air India said it would suspend services between Delhi Airport and San Francisco, Chicago and JFK.

They will also suspend flights from Mumbai to Newark. However, this plane will continue to fly to Washington DC’s Dulles International Airport.

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Both ANA and Japan Airlines said they were canceling some flights to the US scheduled to use Boeing 777 aircraft, but would operate some flights using Boeing 787s instead.

Transport regulators are concerned that the 5G version scheduled to be activated in January could interfere with some of the aircraft’s instruments.

Many aviation industry groups share that fear, despite assurances from federal telecommunications regulators and wireless carriers.

In particular, the Federal Aviation Administration has been concerned that 5G cellular antennas near some airports could throw off readings from some aircraft equipment designed to tell pilots how far they are from the ground.

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The system, known as a radar altimeter, is used during flight and is considered essential equipment.

Providers AT&T and Verizon postponed 5G rollouts near some airports after airlines asked US President Joe Biden to intervene.

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