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Airlines abgestoen: Dave Portnoy: Warren Buffett is consumed – “I’m the Captain now” | news


Warren Buffett is acting contrary to his own philosophy
Dave Portnoy rails against the Oracle of Omaha
Portnoy: “I’m better than he is. That is a fact”

Brsenlegende Warren Buffett in jngster past, increasingly in the criticism. The technology is based on Kenneth Fisher, CEO of Fisher Investments, Warren Buffett fr, told me to alt. The Oracle of Omaha could about be become the years of aversion to risk and its competitive ability is lost, because in this crisis, Buffett was contrary to his own motto “be greedy when others are afraid to”. Instead, Berkshire Hathaway kontrr from acting to Buffett’s philosophy and stie all the Airline positions – in the past, the Investment Holding company invested in times of crisis, usually in order to benefit from inexpensive prices.

Portnoy: “I should make a billion dollars”

Now Day Trader Dave Portnoy bte criticism of Berkshire Hathaway CEO and Brsenlegende Warren Buffett. On Monday of last week he shined Buffett for the phase-out of Airline stocks, as the impact of the Corona-the pandemic began to appear down. In his opinion, Buffett pulled out to frh and always can achieve a significantly higher profit. He described Buffett as “idiots”

“I only print money,” declares Portnoy in his Video post on Twitter. “Why take profits, if any airline is increasing every day by 20 per cent? Losers take profits. The winners push the Chips in the middle.” In his post, he States: “I should make a billion more dollars, so I was driving with cross flight lines”.

The next day, Portnoy put a: He referred to Buffett in a Tweet as a “consumed” Investor.

Although Buffett is undoubtedly one of the best investors there were, however, Portnoy declares himself the new Leader. “I’m the new art. I’m the new Generation. There is no one who can claim that Warren Buffett is to the stock exchange better than I am now. I’m better than he is. That is a fact”, is reported in his Twitter Video.


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Image sources: NICHOLAS ROBERTS/AFP/Getty Images, Andy Kropa/AP


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