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Airam Bazzocchi: “we Should imitate certain things in the contest of Cadiz” | Radio Club Tenerife | news from the Canary islands


Says Airam Bazzocchi that is “spiritual retreat” and he confesses that it has not come out these Carnivals. Nor will it. While already thinking about the contest, 2021, prefer to stay at home while the party walks towards their end. The interview serves to validate their commitment with The Mamluks -with his letters led to the glory for two contests – for the coming year, which already announced that it will not write to any other adult Santa Cruz.

Do you knew a little fourth?

I knew a little? No. It is a year that we were going with a bet a little different and we didn’t think much of awards. We stayed well, without more.

I guess the disappointment comes more by the action than by the post itself.

Yes, what happens is that when you attain the degree of maturity murguera a view to the future and discover that there is always a new opportunity. We are already thinking about the next year, and already is.

doWhat happened to Onesies to go in the end of your degree of brilliance of previous years?

What could happen? A lot of factors that they had never had these last few years and that prevented us nail the perfect performance. But neither is it to fustigarnos. We are on a good level and we were among the first four, that is to say, that we continue with the best.

What the main problem were the density of the letters or was it another?

The letters have always been just as dense, even in some of our last end. What happens is that as you need to reinvent.

What influenced that it has been a year of rugged from the inside?

No, No. I’ve never made excuses and who knows me knows not to get in any case. Never put justifications cheap by things that may have happened. If the minstrels had not been prepared, I would say so. But yes it was. Only that things did not turn out as we would have liked to all.

There are those who took to evil that were critical of both the corporation socialist in their letters-of-phase. What surprised him be found in the social networks with which many called them ‘the murga Coalition’?

We call murga Coalition is a thing that I do not understand for nothing. Even in previous years, I urge everyone to check that we are the ones that we have criticized DC and its politicians. We criticize in a coherent manner. Tell us what is the one thing for which we criticize is a lie. Those who are in power are they, the PSOE. Like next year if they do well, things change. What Murga DC? Well, is that I have already heard several times and I don’t share. I would say of us that we were the minstrels that we criticize in a different way and also the more cane we gave to those who are ruling now. Yes I can accept.

What they have been given grounds in the city Council to follow cantándoles the next year?

At the moment, honestly yes. Reasons are always there, but is that this year, and these Carnivals have given us reasons and arguments to spare. With the streak that they carry, I guess that in 2021 will sing to you all over the world. And as we like to be different or step out of line, well maybe we don’t.

Have you been disappointed with this Carnival in terms of organisation?

I have not left the party, but the day of the suspension of the haze, like there was a bad advice. You had to decide, it is clear that he was mistaken.

In an interview with this medium revealed Javi Lemus (director of Zeta Zetas) that on the same day of the final had to face an unpleasant situation and even appeared an attorney for an alleged complaint of another murga or other murgueros. What reported you or complained to The Mamluks to Zeta Zetas?

I do not I reported. IF it had been on my person, yes I would have done. Would have reported, yes, as that would denounce other things that are happening in the contest. Anyway, I’m a little tired of hoaxes and rubbish alike without foundation none. There is a bit of spiritual retreat. In the contest, there are a thousand things to denounce but of course, the question is: what and who does it? Because it turns out that the organization does not enter a job or ensure that standards are being met. If a murga out to sing with 150, nothing happens except that the other report. And that’s not the way it should be. I remember that the Zeta Zetas were the first who denounced the Daiblos years ago. And look at that I fell over.

How should the organization restrict or extend the bases?

I don’t see logic that would allow more to some than to others, and that is to take advantage of the now so-called legal loopholes. Or you can, or can’t, but what is that of the legal loopholes? Although maybe I should shut my mouth because I was the first to find him five feet to the cat.

With Distracted. But what I’m getting: what you should look for is that the rules are much more clear to the competition and are the same for all. Also, I say: I don’t think that we should get to the point in which all worth or everything is possible. For the sake of the genre murguero, you can’t get to turn this into a contest of another thing. Because we would end up in a show without a murga.

But understand that the competition is going to evolve.

Well look, yes, you too, I’ll accept it. At the end you have to fold to what is imposed in every moment. He did this until Bambones, who sang the “what about this pa’ what? ¿pa’ qué?” about the lights and this year took it out. If the whole world goes in one direction, you’re not going to go you against the world. That much is clear.

What I liked the most about Zeta Zetas, Devils or Bambones?

Not the vi, so as not to intoxicarme. Yes I have seen the second of Bambones to see what was awarded by the jury of the Criticón and the second of the Devils. By what people say, the verdict of the final itself was just.

Will you be in Onesies in the next year?

Yes, of course. As always, doing four subjects with the help of all the murga and going to test as applicable. I’m already thinking of next year.

And what about writing for other street musicians?

Yes, surely something more I will write. There have been years in which I’ve closed a bit but in the end one would like to write and at least in regard to 2021 what I will do but for the rest of the contests. I will not write to any other murga de Santa Cruz, but outside of Santa Cruz. And for any child.

What should I copy the contest santacrucero of Cadiz?

As many things even though they are contests different. In the province of Cadiz is much more limited as to the bases and is better preserved the essence. I think that a good innovation for the contest of Santa Cruz is that each murga to create their own music. But well, that depends of each one. And what it would do is establish the preliminary, as there. There are street musicians that should not arrive to the contest. I would do a pre-selection. If there’s a murga that does not have four ready-made themes, there you can allow to compete. Look for a minimum quality.

Is there anything else you want to say?

Seeing things from the outside, you come to the conclusion that in the end it happens every year the same thing: that there is a lot jihadism; I done before was yidahista (in the discussions murgueras). But for example when some costumed tried that we could not act together with The Grandchildren or sought to denunciarnos, I don’t I cried. Is that there is a lot of poison around the contest. Good, and around the Carnival. Have a look at what has happened in the social networks, that if you criticize something you say that you are a Coalition. At the end we will end up killing between us.


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