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Taking care of the safety of customers and employees, the Rimi supermarket chain has equipped 120 store cash areas with Aranet indoor air quality meters developed by JSC SAF Tehnika. Air quality control is especially important in the context of Covid-19 infection: the sensors allow real-time reading of air temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and relative humidity in the room.

Aranet indoor air quality meters are small wireless devices that measure air quality parameters using NDIR (Non-dispersive Infrared) measurement technology. It is located in the device itself and provides high-precision measurements. Aranet provides not only measuring devices, but also data storage and management. Data from the meters is transmitted to the Aranet PRO base station where it is collected. This base station transfers data to Aranet Cloud software, which in turn allows Rimi employees to remotely view, analyze and efficiently manage data from all stores in the Rimi network in an easy-to-read manner. The responsible employees regularly monitor the sensor data, which allows to detect potential deviations from the established norms in a timely manner.

Rimi Latvia has been cooperating with JSC SAF Tehnika for several years in implementing various sensor solutions in the Rimi store network. For example, we have currently installed 6,500 temperature sensors that monitor the temperature in Rimi store refrigerators. The CO2 monitoring solution is a logical complement to the company’s management systems and an essential tool for limiting the spread of Covid-19. Elevated CO2 levels in the room indicate insufficient air exchange and the need to ventilate the room, improving air quality and reducing the risk of the virus spreading. Until now, CO2 measurements have been controlled using building ventilation control data, but this solution is not as convenient and the results so fast. Therefore, the new sensors will significantly help to further improve the security of Rimi store premises, ”says Juris Šleiers, Public Relations Manager of Rimi Latvia.

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon dioxide is considered to be one of the most effective indicators of indoor air quality and purity: the higher its concentration, the poorer the ventilation and the lower the quality of the air. If the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room ranges from 400 to 600 ppm, the air quality is considered to be very good, but the total permissible CO2 concentration is up to 1000 ppm. * The air quality is very good and the CO2 concentration has exceeded the 700 ppm mark in just one day, ”explains Juris Šleiers.

“We are pleased to offer a high-class product from Rimi Latvia – Aranet sensors help to quickly and accurately assess the air quality in the room and respond appropriately if the measurements show a deterioration in the air quality, allowing to improve the safety of employees and visitors. Aranet indoor air quality meters are used in private and public spaces in more than 60 countries – offices, schools, libraries, shopping malls, and are praised in many world media, i.e. sk. The New York Times, Washington Post, Architectural Digest, CNN, etc., ”says Normunds Bergs, Chairman of the Board of JSC SAF Tehnika.

In stores where Aranet sensors have not yet been installed, CO2 levels are still measured using a ventilation control system, but it is planned to phase out Aranet sensors in all stores.


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