Ahsan/Kevin Win 3 Game Duel, Indonesia Vs Japan 2-0


Indonesia leads 2-0 over Japan in semifinal Thomas Cup 2022. Mohammad Ahsan/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo memenangi laga seru melawan Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi.

At the Impact Arena, Bangkok, on Friday (13/5/2022) evening WIB, Ahsan/Kevin played a three-game match. This new pair had lost the second game before winning with a final score of 22-20, 8-21, 24-22.

The first game starts with quick attacks from both partners. Ahsan/Kevin had fallen behind 3-7 and then little by little cut the lag.

However, Hoki/Kobayashi were able to apply pressure so that it was difficult for Ahsan/Kevin to develop the game. 11-5 in favor of Hoki/Kobayashi in the first interval.

The gap between the two partners is getting bigger. Kevin’s return shot on Hockey smash came out so the Japanese pair had a 17-8 lead. A rally that Kevin ended with a loud smash in front of the net made the Indonesian pair break through the first two digits.

Ahsan/Kevin slowly managed to cut the distance with Hoki/Kobayashi to 15-17. Ahsan wasn’t calm during the match, so the ball got stuck in the net to change the score to 16-19. Game point for Hoki/Kobayashi at 20-17 after Kevin’s return went wide.

Ahsan/Kevin got three consecutive points to create a deuce at 20-20. Smes Ahsan and Kevin ensured that Indonesia’s doubles comeback to win the first game with a score of 22-20.

A similar scenario occurred at the beginning of the second game where Hoki/Kobayashi pressured Ahsan/Kevin to open the gap. A long rally ended Kobayashi with a smash at the net to lead 11-3 in the second interval.

Ahsan/Kevin had a hard time breaking through Hoki/Kobayashi’s defenses. Meanwhile, the opponent was able to make hard hits which forced Ahsan / Kevin to make the ball over the net. Ahsan/Kevin trailed 4-14.

Smes Kevin failed and then changed the score to 7-19 for the opponent’s advantage. Hoki/Kobayashi got two consecutive points to win the second game 21-8 while continuing the game to the deciding game.

At the start of the third game, Ahsan/Kevin started well to lead 5-1. The advantage can be maintained by Ahsan / Kevin until the third interval with the position 11-8.

Ahsan/Kevin lead by five points with a score of 15-10 after Kobayashi made a bad serve. A jumping smash Ahsan dived sharply to restore the five-point gap with a score of 17-12.

Hoki/Kobayashi narrowed the gap to three points after Ahsan was unable to return the ball that fell in front of the net. Hoki/Kobayashi got the lucky ball so that it cut the distance again to 17-19.

Match point for Ahsan / Kevin after Kobayashi’s return hit the net at 20-17. Hockey/Kobayashi added three points in a row to create deuce while keeping the odds!

Kobayashi’s mistakes add to the points for Ahsan/Kevin. Deuce was created again in the position of 21-21 after Hockey / Kobayashi won the drive fight.

Hockey/Kobayashi took a 22-21 lead after Ahsan’s incomplete return, which was followed by a third deuce at 22-22. Kobayashi’s return failed, then Kevin sealed the win with a shot from the net.


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