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Ahmed Murtaza: the return of the international level of the problem.. sectors does not deserve the championship


Detection Ahmed Mortada Mansour, a board member of Zamalek to the General Assembly of the Union of ball is the final resolution in the return of the league and the return of the unemployment problem because of the connections to the national team and clubs in the championships of African.

Ahmed Mortada Mansour by the statements of the TV, saying: “Zamalek agree to launch a new league in the beginning of the month of August next, and the ball says the words void better government”

Noted Ahmed Murtaza that the NCB is not worth the coronation League Championship this season because the regulations do not provide that.

It was Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, has decided to file a complaint against the committee of five that runs the Egyptian federation for football in the International Federation of football “FIFA”, with the escalation of the matter to the court of international sports, due to the initiative of the White team with Al Ahli at the top of the league, which came before the activity stopped football in the month of March, after the decision of the committee of five as Zamalek withdrawn in the match-up in front of the Ahly defeat 2/0, the However, White will be the complaint of the Union Bank with the attached reasons for its failure to match several different motives after the decision of the committee of five as a national winner with a discount of three points other than the balance of the Zamalek at the end of season 2019-2020 with the re-arrangement of the panel itself in the table final of the competition, in addition to the signing of a financial penalty on the club Zamalek worth 200 thousand pounds.

It is the return of state championships during the coming period after the stop since last March, due to the procedure, the precautionary measures to avoid the spread of MERS-CoV.

He was the counselor Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club, surprised his decision to resume the league championship this season, saying: “Why did you stop the league?.. Are we the river, and because the corona is Corona began to?.. You want to back international Les Madame Koruna still complementary, da Koruna increased over mesh machine with buttons, and the experience will go smoothly floor paint”, adding: “Do you in the reason Tanya did you wanted to rest players for? Medical Koruna still exist international want to return it how is we’re in the mood“.

In the interest of the French Patrice Cartier are, Artistic director of the first team of football club Zamalek, to follow up on the last preparations for the return of the team to training at the club not to allow the return of the team for workouts beginning tomorrow, Saturday, where the coach of the French Council resolution White on back exercises or not, and Cartier are on the constant communication throughout the day with a metal to follow the medical procedures that will apply to the players before the start of the exercises, as well as the schedule of the plan back to the training program appropriate for players.



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