Ahead of the Emergency PPKM, the Ministry of Social Affairs again lowers the cash assistance, scheduled to be disbursed next week

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini gave a statement regarding the handling of victims of natural disasters in East Nusa Tenggara, Wednesday (7/4/2021). (Source: KOMPAS TV)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) will again distribute cash assistance (BST) for the next two months for the period of May and June 2021.

The Ministry of Social Affairs targets the number of cash assistance recipients to reach 10 million with a budget of Rp. 2.3 trillion. Later the recipients will receive cash assistance for two months, amounting to Rp600 thousand.

Social Minister Tri Rismaharini explained that the disbursement of BST was related to the establishment of the Emergency PPKM which had just been announced by President Joko Widodo.

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Risma said the BST disbursement scheme has not changed and is still the same as before, which is directly transferred to the recipient’s account or through the post office.

The targeted recipients will reach 10 million residents, each of whom will receive Rp. 300,000 per month. But residents will receive for two months period of May and June.

“Yesterday, we stopped in April, later we will receive assistance for May and June. So it’s two months straight,” said Risma at the Ministry of Social Affairs, Thursday (1/7/2021).


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