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Agatha was beaten – dumped from the house? Muceniece’s parents came to their daughter for protection from Priluchny’s tyranny


This is evidenced by the video and bruises on the body of the actress.

Recently, Agatha Muceniece posted a new video on her Youtube channel about her family life with Pavel Priluchny, however, the husband of the actress was not even mentioned in “Priluchnyi Everyday Life”.

Instead of Paul, the actress paid attention to her parents, while the father of the actress everywhere accompanied her daughter, probably because of the bruises that Agatha highlighted in the video.

The characteristic bruising on Muciniece’s hand may indicate a beating, because the location of the bruises indicates that Agatha was apparently grabbed by the hands.

It is likely that it was Priluchny who became the culprit of the beatings, because the actor was already noticed in beating his wife according to media reports.

Moreover, fans of the star couple repeatedly noticed on the network that Priluchny completely stopped appearing with his wife and children, and judging by the actor’s latest story on Instagram, you can understand that he spends time alone on TV.

Perhaps, in order to avoid a new scandal in the star pair, Agatha’s parents moved to their daughter, and for Priluchny himself a condition was set: Agatha was beaten up and dumped from the house.

It is possible that after the beating, Mutseniece did file for a divorce, and Agatha’s parents came to guarantee that Pavel did not take the children away while the actress was on the set and to provide protection from the tyranny of Priluchny.



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