“After the accident, perhaps the hand …”, astonished Fazio – Libero Quotidiano

“I will not regain the capacity of the right hand.” Nek moves Fabio Fazio and all the study of What’s the weather like recounting the very serious accident on his left hand that threatened to make him lose his middle and ring fingers. “I was repairing an old wagon, and I missed the tool. It was a minimal distraction. My hand is now at 80% of its functionality. I may not regain the capacity that my right hand has, but I’m getting used to it and going back to being a musician “, explains the Emilian singer-songwriter to Rai3 in the studio, who has become very famous not only in Italy with Laura is not here, at the end of the 90s.

“I still can’t play the guitar – he explained in an interview with Rest of the Carlino -, but I can do it with drums, bass and piano. It is already important that it is whole: I risked losing the middle and ring finger “. In his latest autobiographical book he explains those dramatic moments, like driving alone from the hills of his house in Sassuolo to the hospital.” I don’t know how I made to stay so cold. In the book I explain that in certain circumstances a person brings out qualities that he does not know he has, in my case above all patience. I discovered virtues that I did not know. Never before in these pages have I allowed Filippo to show himself, with his strengths and frailties “.

“Writing the book was therapeutic, a few days after leaving the hospital, while I was doing the rehabilitation exercises, I felt the need to put my thoughts in order without the obligations of the metrics of a song”, admits Filippo Neviani. name in the registry office of the fresh 50-year-old artist. Who found an extra friend in the accident, Gianni Morandi, “We already knew each other, but not so well: he too had an accident in his hand, this brought us very close. Now we talk often and the first minutes of every phone call are there. let’s talk about the progress of our little fingers. I was very pleased that he wrote the preface of the book. I am very inspired by him. “


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