After robot cars, Uber is also selling air taxi project


The driving service broker also saves on another division.

(Photo: Reuters)

San Francisco Uber just one day after his robot cars also sold his air taxi project. The Uber Elevate division will be taken over by the flight technology developer Joby, as the companies announced on Wednesday night.

With Elevate, Uber wanted to transfer its platform for driving service brokerage to air taxis. This should include landing platforms and other infrastructure. Various start-ups are currently developing, but also industry heavyweights such as Airbus electrical aircraft developed for a few passengers who are supposed to avoid city traffic in the air. Joby originally wanted to be one of the first providers to bring its air taxis to the Uber platform in 2023.

On Monday, Uber handed over its project to develop technology for self-driving cars to the previously competing start-up Aurora. The once extremely aggressive company from San Francisco thus also sold its second expensive future project with unclear prospects. Now Uber is primarily concentrating on its core business of arranging transport and food delivery.

Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi, who has been in office since August 2017, has already taken various austerity measures, so far he has spared robot car development and Uber Elevate. However, the corona pandemic brought new burdens quarter after quarter. Last quarter there was a loss of $ 1.1 billion and revenue fell 18 percent. In May, Uber already sold its electric rental bike business.

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