Business After Mrztief: Bitcoin, according to analysis by JPMorgan widerstandsfhiger...

After Mrztief: Bitcoin, according to analysis by JPMorgan widerstandsfhiger as other Assets | message


JPMorgan describes Bitcoin in the report as strong and the effects of chlorides
Minus of 50 % within 24 hours in the Mar
Bitcoin is recovering in comparison to other Anlagegtern faster

Approach to Kryptowhrung

Even if the Relationship is tense between banks and Bitcoin – after all, the Kryptowhrung was created as a response to the world financial crisis in the years 2008 and 2009 seems to be, at least partially, a change of these dynamics anzukndigen. Despite the fact that Jamie Dimon, managing Director, had described the U.S.-American Grobank JPMorgan, the Bitcoin in September 2017 as a Scam, the Bank accepts recently the Kryptobrsen Coinbase and Gemini as your customers. Now, the Bitcoin seems to be on-Trend to continue. According to analysts of the Bank, according to the web portal crypto Monday a Report with the title “crypto-currencies under its first stress test: Digital Gold, pyrite, or anything in between to pull?” published in the the Bitcoin described as strong and the effects of chlorides and compared with other Assets, it is positive.

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Recovery after Mrztief

At the Height of the Corona-crisis on 12. Mar from strzten some Anlagegter, the Bitcoin was affected with a decline of about 50 percent within 24 hours is strongest. In spite of this slump, has recovered Kryptowhrung of the crisis, but to a large extent. So the Bitcoin have proved themselves, according to the Report as a permanent and durable asset, even if it’ll currently used as a transaction medium, or memory.

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Edge in market structure

Furthermore, the analysts of the Bank have come to the conclusion that the Bitcoin cost only fr a short time of its production, so the mining cost per Bitcoin, most of the time, but about the value of 1 was. By looking at different Assets on their Liquidity, a protect the analysts of the Bank, the market structure of Bitcoin as a widerstandsfhiger as the Currencies, stocks, bonds, or even Gold. Despite the strong Breakings in the Mrz could recover Bitcoin in this field – and even significantly faster than other Anlagegter.

Fabian Bullinger / editorial

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