After Cyber ​​Building Fire, IMEI Registration Data is Back to Normal – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) stated that the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) for the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) identification process had returned to normal, after the Cyber ​​Building fire incident, last Thursday (2/12).

“Currently, the CEIR system for the IMEI identification procedure has returned to normal functioning,” said Kominfo spokesman Dedy Permadi in a written statement, Sunday (5/12).

Dedy said the repair process had been carried out since Friday (3/12) by restoring the electricity supply to the Cyber ​​1 Building, Jakarta after being extinguished when a fire occurs.

Furthermore, on Saturday (4/12) after the electricity returned, internet connections for all operators had been successfully connected to start carrying out repairs.

“However, there is one server that is still experiencing problems, so it is necessary to replace the device on the server. Operation of the application will start on Saturday at 22.00 WIB,” said Dedy.

After that, continued Dedy, at around 02.30 WIB, Sunday (5/12) all Virtual Machines and applications resumed operation. With the IMEI check traffic from the Equipment Identity Register (EIR), Cellular Operators are seen entering CEIR again at 02:45 WIT, in the morning.

“At 12.30 WIB, final verification has been carried out indicating the CEIR application for both IMEI Check traffic from EIR Operators and data distribution to the Ministry of Industry,” he said.

After a series of improvements were made, for now CEIR data for the IMEI identification process at Kominfo, Directorate General of Customs and Excise has returned to normal. Previously, it experienced a shutdown so that the IMEI identification process had problems.

“The disruption to the CEIR Data Center that occurred also had an impact on IMEI services, resulting in the inability to carry out smartphone registration procedures,” said Dedy Permadi, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Communications and Informatics in a statement, Friday (3/12).



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