After breakup: Shawn Mendes also disappears from social media

Shawn Mendes disappears from social media indefinitely. © EPA-EFE

Shawn Mendes (23) has announced that he will stop using social media for the time being. The news comes a few days after his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello (24) made the same decision.

Tom Vets

The singer says in a message on Instagram that he has had a hard time dealing with the impact of his socials in recent months. Especially the many messages he received following the release of his latest single It’ll be okay cut into it a lot. “I see a lot of TikToks where people cry and get emotional. I hope that’s because there’s some truth in the song. I am very proud of it and I am grateful that you like it so much.”

Cabello takes a break for another reason. She wants to follow a social media rehab program. In her own words, she was online too often.

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