After all the goalkeepers in the mini-state were knocked down, they were sent to the field in a DIY jersey to defend a field player in the Africa Cup.

He was preparing for the most important match in the history of the Comoros football team when he faced running out of goalkeepers. In the eighth final of the Africa Cup, they had to put a field player into the goal against host Cameroon.

Only 132nd in the world rankings, Comoros’ No. 1 goalkeeper Salim Ben Boina was knocked out of the team with an injury when they just eliminated Ghana from the tournament, and two other national team goalkeepers Mojad Ousseini and Ali Ahamada were forced to step back against Cameroon due to a positive corona virus test. from the match. In addition to the two substitution goals, five field players were also pulled out of the team.

They have stood up against Cameroon with no hands left, and in recent days one of the winger defenders, as it turned out on Monday, has been trying to prepare Chaker Alhadhur for dangerous Cameroon goal scorers. The occasional goalkeeper couldn’t even trust his height, his 172 inches in the post counted very little. The goalkeeper unexpectedly hit his national team, one of the substitute goalkeeper’s jerseys was redesigned to have Alhadhur’s jersey number on it.

Three goalkeepers drop out of Comoros national team, defender Alhadhur becomes emergency solution – Photo by Ulrik Pedersen / Nurphoto / AFP

Alhadhur could not become a hero because the Cameroon strikers scored two goals for him, though the Comoros chose the self-destruction in the seventh minute, the team was reduced to ten after Najim Abdu’s red card. The new goalkeeper managed to make it right, in the 53rd minute, for example, he arrested the Cameroon strikers, who were still only 1-0, with a double defense.

Some beauty patches only meant that after a 2-0 disadvantage, M’Changama from the Comoros fired a bomb from a free kick, so the Comoros were eventually knocked out with a raised head, a 2-1 defeat.

It came after the blowdown AP news agency news that at least six people were trampled to death in front of the stadium hosting the match as they tried to enter the match. At least 40 injured were admitted to Messassi Hospital near Olembe Stadium, several of them in critical condition. Officials said about 50,000 people tried to get into the match, for which roughly 48,000 tickets were sold.

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