Entertainment After a very nice compliment from Nagui, Mickaël (Don't...

After a very nice compliment from Nagui, Mickaël (Don’t forget the lyrics) admits a little confusion (VIDEO)


The important thing is a smile! Mickaël, the new maestro of Do not forget the lyrics, assured again this Friday, winning his 8th victory in the karaoke game presented each evening by Nagui. The amateur singer, but farmer in real life has managed to become the darling of the public in just a few shows. It must be said that he has had a rather unique career: the young man is a farmer in the Grenoble region, and knows, like many of his colleagues, difficulties in a difficult and demanding profession. If he grows vegetables, Mickaël also manages a poultry farm, and would like to be able to diversify.

A very nice candidate, says Nagui

Besides, his participation in the early evening game of France 2 could well help him: with the amount he has already collected, which amounts to 14,000 euros on Friday, he plans to hire a farm worker to help him with his work. But according to Nagui, the success of the market gardener is not due to the sympathy aroused by his profession and his difficulties: his character also has a lot to do with it. (and yet, he can’t find love …) ! Viewers were able to attend a small accomplice moment between the host and his candidate, with the key a nice compliment. “The funny thing is that every time I ask you questions, there is always, it is very nice, friendly, there is always a smile! But we do not know if the smile it’s ‘I like’, or ‘ouch …’! “

“I told myself that it was not possible”

Mickaël took the opportunity to explain why he smiled at that time: he had confused the title of a song by Yannick Noah, Angela, with the similar title of another group, rap this time, the Saïan Supa Crew. “When I saw that, I said to myself ‘it’s not possible’, and in fact it’s not at all that!” said the money mike candidate, who also said that if he smiled that much, “it’s because there’s always a little something behind” which he thinks of. What is clear for the moment is that he has not yet thought about the journey promised to the candidates who manage to chain 10 victories, he has not “head over to that!”


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