After a collision with a dog on the road, a young man died, his companion was seriously injured

A young man died on the spot after an accident on the road from Vratsa to Oryahovo last night, and his companion was seriously injured at the Vratsa hospital. A dog suddenly jumped on the road near the village of Mramoren in front of an Audi 80, the car ran over it and overturned in the roadside bushes.

The crashed car was accidentally spotted by a Montana van driver. He called 112 after seeing two in the front-facing car with no signs of life.

Rescuers arrived and took out the passengers and found that the 25-year-old driver Boris S. had died on the spot, and the 18-year-old Ivalina L., who was traveling with him, was in a very serious condition. Doctors at the Vratsa hospital are still fighting for her life.


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