Afghanistan. How are Afghan refugees distributed around the world?

The evacuations of Afghans from Kabul ended on the night of August 30 to 31. More than 123,000 people, including Afghan civilians and nationals of other nationalities, were evacuated fromAfghanistan in two weeks, announced the Pentagon on August 30.

How many Afghan citizens have been evacuated? Unable to give an exact figure at this point, but according to US President Joe Biden, the US and its allies have evacuated “100,000 of them”, he said this Tuesday, August 31 during a speech on the end of the withdrawal. Concerning France, the operations made it possible to repatriate 2,600 Afghan civilians to French soil.

Until the end of 2020, nearly 2.6 million Afghans were living outside their country with refugee status, according to the latest report from the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). In addition to these, the agency counted at that time 238,000 requests registered by nationals of Afghanistan.

The Afghan community is ranked third in the UNHCR report. It represents 11% of all refugees in the world, behind Syrians (6.7 million) and Venezuelans (4 million).

85% of Afghan refugees are in Pakistan and Iran

According to figures, civilians first flee to neighboring countries. Of the 2.6 million Afghans in exile, 85% are now in Pakistan and Iran. These two countries are home to 1.4 million and 780,000 people respectively. In Europe, 13% of Afghan refugees have found refuge in one of the EU member countries.

According to the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra), there were 41,174 Afghan civilians in France as of June 30, 2021. The Afghans are therefore the first refugee community in our country, ahead of the Syrians and Sri Lankans.

The United States counts only 0.1% of Afghan refugees in the world registered in 2020 under the protection of the UNHCR. These are precisely 1,592 people who have refugee status across the Atlantic and 796 applications were pending.

Germany, refuge for the largest number of Afghans in Europe

It is in Germany that there are the most Afghan refugees currently, with nearly 148,000 refugees from Afghanistan in 2020. A level almost four times higher than the second country in the ranking, Austria, which has a little more than 40,000 Afghan refugees in the same year. France occupies third place, with 31,546 Afghan refugees for the year 2020, according to UNHCR data.

According to the UNHCR base, a total of 38 European countries are hosting Afghan nationals in 2020, among them, 14 have more than 1,000.

For the moment, it is still difficult to know how the reception of Afghan refugees in France will take place after following recent evacuations from the country. However, the mayors of several cities, mainly on the left or environmentalists, have announced their willingness to welcome. As evoked France Blue , more than a hundred Afghans arrived in the city of Strasbourg on Thursday August 26, another hundred people found refuge in Lille, 88 Afghans arrived in the town of Piriac-sur-Mer, 51 people were received in Bordeaux, 50 refugees landed in Loiret and Côte-d’Or and 16 refugees have toruvé refuge in Besançon.


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