Adriana Karembeu in Dijon this Saturday to kick off the Red Cross collection

Dressed as a Red Cross volunteer, Adriana Karembeu walked the streets of downtown Dijon this Saturday afternoon to raise money. The NGO ambassador took care with each selfie to ensure that a few coins were donated for the Red Cross. “VSThis action will make it possible to finance local actions, ” she explains.

Adriana Karembeu in the streets of Dijon yesterday for the collection of the Red Cross, much in demand for selfies. © Radio France
Claire Checcaglini

In Côte d’Or, four units: Montbard, Chatillon-sur-Seine, Beaune and Dijon will benefit from this collection. In the city of the dukes, the volunteers would like to buy a vehicle to go throughout the city to meet the poorest.

Objective: raise 10,000 euros for the Côte d’Or

Another project: to create a reception area in addition to the shop for clothes in order to help the beneficiaries in their administrative procedures, in particular. The president of the Red Cross of Côte d’Or, Christophe Talmet hopes that this operation will allow him to collect 10,000 euros.

The Côte d'Or has 680 volunteers divided into four units.
The Côte d’Or has 680 volunteers divided into four units. © Radio France
Claire Checcaglini

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