Adrian Rusmana About Sugih Energy: I Stopped First

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Former commissioner of the oil and gas company PT Sugih Energy Tbk (SUGI), Adrian Rusmana, is known to have resigned from the company since 2020, before other commissioners and all SUGI directors resigned together this month.

Adrian Rusmana said that since the EGMS in October 2019 he had indeed been appointed as the commissioner of Sugih Energy as a representative of the Pertamina Dapen.

“However, since March 10, 2020 I have resigned from Commissioner Sugih, so actually I was the one who quit first [yang pertama kali mengundurkan diri],” he told CNBC Indonesia, Monday (17/1/2022).

Adrian confirmed that since March 2020 he had sent a letter regarding his resignation to the company (Sugih Energy) which was copied to the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“Because there was no GMS, maybe BEI was not informed. Or Sugih didn’t report it at that time,” he explained.

As is known in the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on January 12, 2022, the entire board of directors and commissioners of Sugih Energy resigned in unison for ironic reasons.

The resignation of the congregation was carried out because the board of directors had made every effort to be able to hold the annual general meeting of shareholders (AGM). However, the company no longer has any money to hold this activity.

The board of directors has actually contacted the shareholders. However, none of the shareholders wanted to put funds in the company for holding the AGMS.

Data on the composition of SUGI’s Shareholders based on the Company’s Monthly Shareholder Registration Report as of July 31, 2019 stated that the Pertamina Pension Fund is known to own 8.05% of SUGI’s shares.

While the rest is owned by Golden Hill Energy Fund 11.52%, Interventures Capital Pte Ltd 7.71%, Credit Suisse AG SG Trust Sunrise Ass Gr Ltd 6.49%, and the public 66.23%. SUGI’s total shares are 24.81 billion shares, of which the public holds 16.43 billion shares.

Then on the further management of Sugih Energy, handed over entirely to the shareholders of the operator.

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