Adidas prod Reebok firm Authentic Brands Group. Obdr za ni 53 miliard

Adidas bought the Reebok brand about 15 years ago to compete with its traditional American competitor, Nike. The weak results of Reebok led to repeated raises on the part of the shareholders in order for the company to get rid of these features.

In the meantime, the German company managed to strengthen its position with its main Adidas brand in the United States. Collaboration with celebrities, such as rapper Kanye West and singer and actress Beyonc, has contributed to this, Reuters reported.

Adidas announced to her that the sale fulfills the Reebok brand. The company now intends to focus on strengthening its position with the main Adidas brands in the global sports market.

Completed the sale of Reebok characters to the eve in the first quarter of five years. We know that with this change of ownership, the Reebok brand will be in a good position to achieve a long-term rush, said Kasper Rorsted of Adidas.

ABG founder Jamie Salter announced the adoption of Reebok’s characters as a major milestone in his company’s history. ABG owns the first for various removals and free of characters, which it takes care of, according to them, develops and provides a license to use them.


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