Adele cancels concert series in Las Vegas at the last minute: ‘I am deeply ashamed’ | Stars

entertainment">“I’m very sorry, but the shows are not ready,” the 33-year-old superstar said in a video on Twitter. “We’ve worked so hard lately, but we’re just not ready to give you the show you deserve.” The performances were to take place in the Colosseum, the concert hall of the hotel Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

entertainment">“Half of my team has been struck down by the virus and it’s just impossible to keep this show going. I’m so sorry this is coming last minute, really. We’ve been up for 30 hours trying to figure out how we could have let this go on, but there’s no time left now,” said Adele. “I am very upset about this, I am deeply ashamed and I especially think it is terrible for the people who have traveled to this place especially for this.”

‘So many setbacks’

entertainment">“We are going to move all data, we are working very hard on that now,” Adele continues in the video. “And I’m going to finish my show the way I wanted it to. There have just been so many setbacks that we have not been able to withstand and that is why we are not ready now. I’m so sorry.”

entertainment">The concert series that was to start on Friday was supposed to take place in Las Vegas until April 16. It was the singer’s first major concert series since she made her comeback with the song last year Easy On Me, which appeared on October 15. The song was listened to 19.7 million times on Spotify the day it was released, breaking several daily records according to the streaming service. The singer also released the album 30 on November 19. This is the best-selling album of 2021 with only a few weeks of sales.

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