Additional games support Nvidia’s dlss technology

The Nvidia technology dlss has been compared to magic and in the games where it is used, it makes it possible for many more people to play in 4k without the most expensive graphics cards. But the technology must be activated by the developers and so far it is only available in just over 50 titles.

Now Nvidia announces that Doom Eternal, Lego Builder’s Journey and Rust have joined that crowd. In addition, the company releases dlss for Linux, via Proton for Vulkan.

Linux users can download a new version of Nvidia’s Linux driver released today and then enable Proton on Steam to access dls magnification technology in Vulcan-based games like Doom Eternal, No Man’s Sky, and Wolfenstein Youngblood.

AMD is expected to showcase Fidelityfx Super Resolution, a competing game magnification technology, on Wednesday. The company has already revealed that fsr, as the technology is abbreviated to, will work on many more graphics cards than dlss – including Nvidia cards.


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