Actor and drummer Jiří Plachý († 75) died: Jiřina Bohdalová cries

Jiří Plachý used the nickname younger, because his father was an equally well-known actor of the same name, famous for the film The Emperor’s Baker – The Baker’s Emperor, where he played the master Kelly. Jiří’s mother Jitka Plachá then worked for Czechoslovak television. “Jitka Plachá helped me a lot in my beginnings. She knew my situation when my father was imprisoned and I had to feed the whole family, and I counted every crown. Jitka therefore played small roles for me, as I say kuk behind the vase. Well-known actors didn’t want to do them, so Jitka always suggested me. At a time when I didn’t even have bread, it was salvation for me. Therefore, I had a great relationship with her son, I loved him very much, “he recalls Bohdalováwhich the report of a colleague’s death hurt a lot.

Jiřina Bohdalová: My legs hurt when reading!

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He did not have sharp elbows

After his studies, Plachý got a job at the Vítězslav Nezval Theater in Karlovy Vary in 1967, and since 1970 he has been a member of the Vinohrady Theater Art Ensemble. There he played dozens of roles. He was also significantly involved in dubbing. Although the film neglected him, viewers remember him as Fanoš in the film All Good Natives. He found greater use on television, where he starred in the series Jana Eyrová, Sinful People of the City of Prague, Thirty Cases of Major Zeman, in the productions The Last Concert, Cemetery for Foreigners or the cycle Oh, the Murders !, where he starred with Bohdalová in the episode . “Jiří was a good actor, but he didn’t have sharp elbows, he couldn’t stuff himself somewhere,” adds Bohdalová.

Jiřina Bohdalová is shooting a documentary about her life: 90 minutes of truth!

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