Action with Máxima banknotes gets out of hand, Johan Vlemmix regrets

Johan Vlemmix already regrets his action in which he literally throws money in honor of Queen Máxima’s fiftieth birthday. He is followed by fanatical people and some things have even been killed in hiding places. People also try to copy the notes. “Of course that is not the intention”, says Johan.

“I really liked it”, he tells Omroep Brabant radio in the Afslag Zuid program. “I wanted to buy a nice present for Máxima. I once bought a Porsche Turbo for the king, but we then put it in the attic because he never came to get it. I thought I could buy another big gift for Máxima, but then I got a lot of responses from people who said: ‘Why are you going to buy an expensive present, those people have enough money anyway!’, he says.

That is why he had more than a thousand 50 euro banknotes printed with the image of Máxima on them. “It has become a bit more … I have it hidden everywhere and if people find it, they can whatsapp me and I will immediately transfer fifty euros.”

That action therefore costs him a considerable sum. “50,000 euros or actually a little more. But of course I will hide some banknotes very well.” Yet despite his enthusiasm about how things are going now, he is disappointed. “I had made a video in a chapel in Limburg to explain the idea and hide a note there. But of course it is not the intention that you will put all kinds of things aside.” So that has happened. “And at a castle I put a note under a board and then someone unscrewed the whole board. That is not the intention.”

His privacy also suffers. “I’m not supposed to be following me all day. Today I wanted to hide one and then it happened. But they were nice,” he says.

“I am never paranoid but now there is a car here again and I see people watching so I think there is someone waiting again. Shit, I think I have not done something quite right”, he sighs.

There were also cunning people who tried to copy a banknote and thus collect their fifty euros. “There are people who have tried that, but I hadn’t been there at all. So you have to say clearly where you found it.”

A few notes have already been redeemed. “But just to be clear, you can only hand in the notes on Monday. The promotion is over on Tuesday.”


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